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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you call it StyleID?
Have you ever watched a television show and wondered “where did they get that?” We often do! In order to answer your questions, we created StyleID. Helping you identify items that are your style.
How do you find the names of the outfits that each character is wearing?
Through style gurus, networks and our super resourceful fashionistas!
Can you add _______ show?
Send us your show request. If it’s popular we are likely to add it.
How come some items do not have a link to a page where I can buy it.
Unfortunately, the world of fashion is constantly changing so depending on the shooting date of the show, the item you are looking for may no longer be available in store. We will do our best to provide you with the brand, description and image, also, for your convenience we have optimized StyleID to do an automatic eBay search for each item.
When will StyleID movies, music videos and wedding be active?
They are on their way! Make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more updates.
When will the mobile application be available?
We are scheduled to launch the mobile application early in the new year.
How do you earn Style points?
Style points can be earned by registering for a StyleID account, inviting friends to register and sharing items.
What can Style points be used for?
Style Points can be used to enter exclusive contests and unlock bonus content including the StyleID Music Videos, Movies & Wedding apps. Register now to start receiving points.
I’m a style gurus, how do I get involved?
Send us an email to We love to promote style gurus and the work they do.
I’m a television network, how do I get involved?
Send us an email to We will be happy to assist you.
I’m a fashion blogger, how do I get involved?
Send us an email to and include a link to your blog.
I want to work at StyleID. Where do I send my resume?
We are always on the lookout for bright, talented individuals. For updates on open job opportunities, please check the career page.
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